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Sunday, 29 January 2012


Having a bad habit of not throwing anything away means that I often forget all the gorgeous clothes that get neglected the second buy I new ones. Today I had a huge spring clean and was shocked by how many clothes I had forgotten about. 

I had packed away all the clothes that I wear to special occasions when university started again because this post-graduate course leaves very little room for a social life. The attire I wear for special occasions are Asian clothes which reflect my British-Asian background. I LOVE this part of my culture because the clothes are glamorous, bright and elegant. 

The following photographs show just a snippet of the amount of clothes I rediscovered today...

I love the way that the red belt is a contrast to the blue dress. The gold, blue and red belt really pull this whole outfit together.

This is one of my favourite outfits!

I never thought that orange and blue would go together but in this case they were a perfect combination.

This is a design at the bottom of one of my dresses; I love the rustic feel and look to the clothes.

I wore this to my 21st birthday party because I loved the detail on the neckline on the dress. 

I adore the subtle tie dye affect.

This is a perfect outfit for the summer; the bright colours and seashell like sequins make it perfect for a summer wedding on the beach...now I just need a summer wedding on the beach to go to...

This was the first outfit that my Dad chose for me and it was actually a BEAUTIFUL one! I love how the sequins start of small at the top of the dress and gradually expands as it gets  to the bottom.

This is another dress that I found today. It is a very simple dress but the neckline is heavily made up with metallic sequins. 

What have you done today?


  1. beautiful photos!
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    1. Thank you for commenting :) I am already following your blog. I LOVE it!


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