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Saturday, 28 January 2012


'Pictures speak a thousand words' 

I am strong believer in the above quotation because photographs have the ability to capture the essence of a place, the feelings that you experience and forget in a fleeting moment, and memories that you can treasure forever. 

SO, when I set off for my London adventure, I decided that I was going to capture and share all those moments that were special to me. I travelled down to London this morning to spend the day with one of my friend's who had moved there to attend Music School. I love London; there is so much history and culture, so much to do, it never gets boring and it is always changing. It is one of my favourite places to visit because I find it enriches me and broadens my knowledge about British history. 

The following photographs are just a little insight into what I got up to today. 

We went to Convent Garden Market to have a smooch around and see if we could pick up any bargains. I love the different variety of stalls that are situated in there and the uniqueness of all the products.

I loved the cobbled pavements around the Convent Garden! They worked so well with the quaint cafes and restaurants that were located across the Convent Gardens and took me back in time to the Victorian Era.

I enjoyed a Belgian waffle with double chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce for my breakfast. It was such a lovely morning sitting in Convent Gardens, taking in the atmosphere, listening to the opera singer's performance and catching up with my friend.

This was just one of the jewellery stalls that I came across in London. It was so colourful that I HAD to stop and take a photograph to share with you. There were so many different types of jewellery that we spent ages browsing through it.

I am an architectural geek so I loved the towering buildings and the detailed stone work, 

People forget about the sacrifices that were made by millions of young men and women just a few decades ago so that we could have THIS freedom. I have always been interesting in WW1 and WW2 so this memorial really touched me. It is important that no one forgets what tore the world apart and created such catastrophic conflicts, but how many people do you think walk past this everyday without paying attention to it and not realising its symbolic meaning?

This was another little symbolic statue aimed at remembering those soldiers who died for us in the war. The picture does this no justice because it is so beautiful in real life!

'Lest we forget'


I LOVED how quirky this guy was. He was a street artist and would only smile if you gave him some money. After some failed attempts at trying to make him laugh (by repeatedly saying 'SMILE! Yoooou know you want to! I can seeeeeeee it! Here is cooooooooomes'), I gave up!

We had dinner at TGIF and then ordered a huge dessert EACH! I devoured my rich chocolate brownies with vanilla&cookie icecream and chocolate and toffee sauce! It is one of the best desserts I have ever had! I have never been to TGIF's and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the standard of the service.

This shot took my breath away! It shows London just as it is; bright, busy and beautiful!

What's your favourite place to visit?


  1. These pictures are amazing! I've never been to London :(
    So my favourite place, Amsterdam for sure!

    Anne from WOLF359


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