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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fashion Icon of the Week

I am loving Lana Del Rey. I know, I know, it's a little bit late to be jumping on the bandwagom, but OMG she is amazing. When she first started out I heard a lot of things about how good she was, how she's different, etc etc, but I didn't pay any attention to her until she got slated for her live singing and her image change. Now, however, I am really feeling her album AND her style. I think it's sad that the media built her up so much just to tear her down again (but, hey, what else do they do?) but KUDOS to her for sticking up for herself and being so humble. I love her sound, her quirky style and how she has remained true to herself under the fire of the media.

What do you think of Lana Del Rey?

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Culture, Couture and Cake

I had the most amazing day today; I spent it with a friend in Manchester to celebrate her birthday. The day was filled to the brim with funny banter, giggles and memories that will stay with us forever. We strolled around the city centre catching up with what was happening in each others lives, browsed through shops that were filled with things we couldn't afford, took in the buzzing atmosphere of the booming city and absorbed the culture that oozes out of every street that you turn into.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from today...

This Victorian style pub was a contrast to the modern city centre and buildings that surrounded it, but its ambiance drew the crowds in.

We acted like proper tourists so jumped at the chance of going on the Manchester Eye when we came across it. I love this picture, because not only can you see the harsh realism between the man-made metal machine and the open sky,, but it also makes you realise that you only play the main character in your own life and there are so many bigger things out there.

I am an architectural geek! 

I tried on the Nails Inc Magnetic Polish and I LOVE it! As you can see, it comes in a variety of colours and leaves a gorgeous print on your nails. At £13 for one nail varnish I think it is a bit too expensive but it will be a great present or treat for yourself. 

We bought cupcakes from a stall in the market place. After a day of walking, we were shattered, looking forward to resting our aching feet on the train and treating ourselves to these beautiful cupcakes. We were SO disappointed! The cakes were dry, hard and the icing had no flavour to it. However, the company was great and this little incident didn't dampen the spirit. I just wanted to let you see the amazing presentation that conned us out of £5.

How has your weekend been?

Take a step back...

I have spent the last few days relaxing because I have got a hectic few months ahead as I near the end of my PGCE! 

I enjoyed drinking cloudy lemonade (my favourite after pink lemonade) and indulging in belgian chocolate chip shortbread.

I find painting my nails very therapeutic so took this chance to coat them in a shocking red (Nails Inc). I cut and filed my nails as well because, for me, bright colours look better on shorter nails.

I enjoyed catching up on all the latest fashion gossip reading my Elle magazine. I was really pleased with this issue, because not only did it have great content but it also had a free Soap&Glory mascara (worth £10), a sample for the new Rimmel foundation and an invitation for a free Dior eye make up lesson. I do a review on the mascara soon.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


After having having finally submitted an essay that made me want to jump out of a window, I am going to  do what my mocha told me to do: RELAX! 

I am planning on doing some baking, pampering myself, taking a few long drives, and spending time with family and friends. I also bought the new Elle magazine today and I cannot WAIT to read something that it not an academic journal filled with drivel that can be summarised into 2 pages instead of 100!

What do you like to do to relax?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Riggi Design me!

I cannot wait to share my latest purchase with you guys! I am an absolute jewellery fanatic but over the past few months I have become increasingly aware of the lack of originality of the jewellery that High Street shops sell. Fashion is about expressing your individuality but wearing the same accessories as everyone, day in and day out, can become a bit dull. 

So, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a local business, Riggi Design, that specialises in making hand-made jewellery! There is everything from rings, bracelets to necklaces, head pieces and brooches. The creativity and design is like nothing I have come across in the High Street, AND all the pieces are original and unique. The jewellery is cute, quaint and beautiful. 

I gave into temptation and brought a beautiful blue butterfly ring. It is GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to wear it. It's a classic statement ring that will help pull together any outfit. 

Check out http://www.facebook.com/pages/Riggi-Design/197729416950192 for more stunning designs!

How was your day today? 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Pandora Surprise...

Today was such a good day! It started off at 7am, in the library, buried under books, and overdosing in Mochas (erm...that bit was the not so good bit) BUT it improved drastically. After 6 hours procrastinating in the library, I went to pick up my Uncle who was visiting from London, I hadn't seen him in months so was looking forward to catching up with him. 

I was surprised when he said that he had got me a gift, but I was SHOCKED when he pulled out a Pandora bag! He doesn't really 'do' presents so it was a lovely gesture. I think he felt guilty about missing my past 7 or 8 birthdays but hey, I'm not complaining now! 

I have always been a Pandora fan but I didn't want to invest in it myself because it is really expensive, so now I am a VERY VERY VERY happy girl. He got me the classic Pandora bracelet with an adorable little silver charm with pink gems inserted in it. I am really looking forward to adding more charms to my bracelet.

The reason that I am so in love with the Pandora charm bracelets is because you have the option of adding charms to it as you journey through your life, so each charm that you add to your bracelet will be representing you at different stages in your life and remind you of different stories that you will be able to reminisce about and convey in years to come.

One girl that I know has had a charm bracelet from the day she was born and every year on her birthday her parents add another charm that represents the year that she has had. When I heard this my heart just melted and I know that it is something that I will be investing in if/when I have children.

How was your day today?

Friday, 17 February 2012

Pure DKNY [Free Sample!]

I'm a sucker for DKNY perfumes, so last week when I got an email from Debenhams promoting the new PureDKNY perfume I could barely contain my excitement. I was also overjoyed when I read that if I printed off the email and took it to my local Debenhams store they would give me a little travel size sample for FREE! Not many people know that if you read the small print on the Debenhams emails they usually have some very good offers and little freebies to give away but...ssshhhh, don't tell anyone else!

[The reason I am sharing this with you is because I often find that I miss out on good deals and special offers because I'm not in the loop, so this is my good deed of the day...]

Here's a my review on the perfume...

I have been searching for a new light, refreshing perfume ever since my Anna Sui perfume finished and the PureDKNY is perfect! The perfume focuses Ugandan vanilla but throughout the day I got hints of floral petals, lotus, jasmine and orchids. The fragrance is like a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other perfumes I have tried recently; I found that a majority of them were too sweet and sickly, or too overpowering for day wear. I wore the PureDKNY this morning and it lingered on my skin all day long (I can smell it on me as I type), so you will get your money’s worth!
DKNY has also joined forces with CARE to support women in Uganda, and to educate U.S. consumers about the important role women play in breaking the cycle of global poverty. The project will enable Ugandan women to work, educate and provide for their families. It’s nice to see an established company, like Donna Karan, give back! Hopefully, other companies will also follow suit and help out the third world countries that are left to suffer in silence in the disgusting underbelly of this industry.

When I was researching the perfume I stumbled across the fact that the package of PureDKNY is environmentally-friendly! The glass of its flacon is 100 percent recyclable; its outer carton is made of carton and paper which decompose easily.

So! Sign up to the Debenhams newsletter and get your free DKNY sample today :) 

What is your favourite perfume?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Love me some LUSH!

Every time I go shopping, I walk past Lush and I am overcome with a smell of gorgeous bath products that seduce me into entering that heavenly shop and reduce my bank balance. If you have never heard of Lush (where have you been?) LUSH produces fresh-made soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturisers, scrubs, and other cosmetics for the face, hair, and body using 100% vegetarian recipes. It is affordable, long-lasting and leaves you feeling (and smelling) absolutely glorious! 

Below are a few of my favourite Lush products...

Candy Fluff Dusting Powder: Candy fluff is my favourite dusting powder because it smells beautiful and it is so versatile. I usually use it as body powder but it is also great for using as dry shampoo. I often find that some dry shampoos leave your hair smelling of artificial chemicals but with this product you smell like candy floss all day long. I brought this about a year ago and, even though I use it frequently, I still have half the tub left.  An extra bonus with this product is that there is glitter infused in it! I always get compliments on how nice I smell (well of course...I smell like candy floss!) when I wear this and it is one of the few powders that I have that is able to maintain the perfume all day long. However, I have heard that this has been discontinued but if you are interested then check in your local Lush.

Sweetie Pie jelly: Lush have a few shower jelly products but this has got to be my favourite. The fruity smell of the blackcurrant and cherry is mouthwatering enough to want to it (DON'T!) but I have to make do with using it in the shower. I chill this in the fridge before using it for a more soothing experience but you can also use it at room temp or frozen. This product is also versatile as it can be used as a shower gel AND a shampoo. The jelly lasts for a very long time and it makes shower's so much more fun!

Out of this World: I treated my sister to this little gift box which contained a 'Space Girl Ballistic' bath bomb AND a 'Rock Star' soap last week. I love the gift boxes in Lush because not only are they appealing visually but you can guarantee that you will want to buy every single one. I like to recycle the wrapping paper and store my growing Lush collection in the boxes. Inside every gift set you also receive a 'What's in my Gift?' booklet so you know exactly what you have and how you to use it. I adore the Rock Star soap because it smells gorgeous but I have never used the bath bomb before so I am VERY excited about *cough* nabbing it from the sister and using it...

This is my absolute FAVOURITE product by Lush but, unfortunately, I finished my bar a few days ago. On the Lush website, the description for this bar is as follows: 'This isn’t called the Comforter for nothing. We threw everything we had at this one, to make it warming, comforting and reassuring. We wanted a bath that gave the same sense of safety and calm that your favourite teddy, your comfort blanket or a snuggly scarf gives'. AND it is TRUE! There has never been a time where I have been feeling low that using the Comforter Bar hasn't made me feel better. (Side note: You may want to eat this bar because it smells of berry goodness but don't...)

You are probably waiting for me to tell you not to eat this product either BUT you can! This Lip scrub is amazing because it works wonders at making your lips soft and smooth, but it also tastes like bubblegum so once you're done scrubbing...you can start licking those lips! 

What are your favourite Lush products?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New York Fashion Week 2012

The internet has been buzzing about the New York Fashion Week for months and BOY did it come to a climax! Designers really have outdone themselves this year with their sharp, fresh take on fashion for the rest of the year. I'm not one to follow fashion trends but I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw!

Here are a few pictures that have inspired me...

Michael Kors: I love the blunt red colour that echoed throughout Kors collection. 

Michael Kors: Kors always has a stunning evening wear and he didn't fail to impress with this gorgeous, sequinned, red number.

Jenny Packham: I've never come Jenny Packham's designs before but I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE! Her designs ooze sophistication and this tailored dress is absolutely gorgeous! 

Jenny Packham: This pale blue dress is beautiful. I adore how the dress is draped around the model. The crystal detail at the top adds an extra dimension to the dress. This design is going ti infiltrate down to the High Street in no time. 

Marc Jacobs: I am a massive Jacobs fan and I LOVE this dress. It is hard, edgy and grungy but the soft make-up adds a subtly femininity to it. It is a reflection of looks gone by but why fix something that isn't broken?

Marc Jacobs: Metallics are here to stay!!!

Oscar Le Renta: Oscar Le Renta's dresses need to introduction so just enjoy these next few pictures.

Oscar Le Renta

Tory Burch: I really like the material of this dress. It is tailored without being too structured, and floaty at the same time. Burch's colour palette for this collection is a lot of dark, sombre colours which is different and sets her aside from some of the other designers. 

Tory Burch: It was refreshing to see something on the catwalk that I could see myself wearing to work.

Whitney Port: Port has had a lot of criticism for her new collection but I actually really like it. She has pieces of clothes that I can see myself wearing and actually investing in. This neutral coloured dress, in particular, made me fall in love with her designs because of its simplicity yet statement look. 

I cannot wait till these looks infiltrate into the High Street.

What new fashion statements are you excited about?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


There was a somewhat slight change in the atmosphere in our town centre today; a calm and tranquil feeling that was overwhelming but left everyone feeling happy and relaxed. As I looked around, I saw couples walking hand in hand, gazing adoringly at each other and losing themselves in their own little love bubble. THEN it hit me! It was Valentine's Day!

The shopping centre was buzzing with couples whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears and browsing through the shops looking for perfect gifts for each other. It is a lovely time of the year when people put everything else aside and focus on showering their loved ones with gifts that reflect the affection that they feel for them.

It's a special day whether you have been together for years, or you've just started a relationship or you want to tell that special someone who has been knocking on your heart's door that you love them too. 

Seeing the couples spill into shops like Swarovski and Pandora made me wonder whether love was best expressed through expensive gifts or a thoughtful gesture to your partner. 

Having spent many Valentine day's surrounded by my 'couple' friends, I have seen a variety of different of different approaches to this particular day. Some are your stereotypical love struck, hopeless romantics that want to shower each other in a hoard of expensive gifts; others are more sentimental and prefer getting thoughtful presents for each other; some prefer setting budgets for each other so as not to give into the commercialised business opportunity this day has become; others prefer making presents for each other; and the rest refuse to take part in it because they believe it is just a hyped up day that is targeted at reducing couples bank balances...*cough* or they're single...

I don't celebrate Valentine's day because I am currently single AND I think love is something that should be expressed every day of the year. However, it is lovely seeing people who get so lost in their work life's take a moment and appreciate their partner. 

Mybelief, however, did not stop me from treating myself to a heart shaped cupcake today.

A lovely piece of Art work by Miss A, a budding artist and little genius. How many objects can you spot in the Valentine cupcake?

How did you celebrate Valentine's day?

Friday, 10 February 2012

Deep Freeze

The delayed winter has finally graced us with its presence and it looks like as if it is here to stay! This morning I woke up to my Dad ringing from his work warning me to be careful when I leave the house because these was black ice on both roads and pavements. I should have had paid a bit more heed to his advice...

Stepping out of my house this morning to go to the Doctor's resulted in me doing a little dance with death on the black ice and then falling flat on my backside. A lovely lady who was walking by stopped to help me (she probably had a giggle about it later with her friends but I appreciated the gesture). Deciding that the world was against me, I crawled back into the house, called the Doc's to say I wanted to cancel my appointment and then I crawled back into my bed to block out the cold.

I ventured back outside at 3pm to go into town and was amazed at how frozen my car was!

I went shopping for some delayed birthday, wedding AND Christmas presents (needless to say that I was very broke at the end of the shopping trip). I love shopping for presents and today was an extra special day because Mummy N passed one of her first exams, so the sister and I decided we should spoil her.

We treated our mum to some pink roses that were doused in glitter. Flowers are always a great idea for presents because there are different kinds to suit ANY occasion, and they last for such a long time basking you in their glorious fragrance.  Our living room smells heavenly! 

We also got some lovely 'little' cakes to celebrate in style. I mean, how can anyone have any type of celebration without cakes?

How are you surviving the deep freeze?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

And it fell...

The past few days have consisted of me being ill in bed, dragging myself to university and/or snuggling up in front of the TV trying to figure out why my immune system has given up on me. In a time where everything looks bleak and dreary, it takes a lot to brighten life up again and in my case it was...SNOW! 

Everyone I know detests snow and are moaning at the mere mention of it but it is one of Mother Nature's gifts so we should embrace it and revel in its delight.

The following photographs are a little snapshot of my weekend...

I loved watching the ice cold snow fall gently onto the road  as I sat by my roaring fire inside.

There was a lovely glow outside as the snow fell at midnight.

Unlike the grumpy UK population, I had no issue wrapping up warm and going to play!

The inches of snow that fell last night!

The best feeling today was coming back inside FREEZING COLD after making our snowman (and having a LOT of snowball fights) and enjoying a gorgeous Galaxy hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.

What's your favourite activity when it snows?