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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


There was a somewhat slight change in the atmosphere in our town centre today; a calm and tranquil feeling that was overwhelming but left everyone feeling happy and relaxed. As I looked around, I saw couples walking hand in hand, gazing adoringly at each other and losing themselves in their own little love bubble. THEN it hit me! It was Valentine's Day!

The shopping centre was buzzing with couples whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears and browsing through the shops looking for perfect gifts for each other. It is a lovely time of the year when people put everything else aside and focus on showering their loved ones with gifts that reflect the affection that they feel for them.

It's a special day whether you have been together for years, or you've just started a relationship or you want to tell that special someone who has been knocking on your heart's door that you love them too. 

Seeing the couples spill into shops like Swarovski and Pandora made me wonder whether love was best expressed through expensive gifts or a thoughtful gesture to your partner. 

Having spent many Valentine day's surrounded by my 'couple' friends, I have seen a variety of different of different approaches to this particular day. Some are your stereotypical love struck, hopeless romantics that want to shower each other in a hoard of expensive gifts; others are more sentimental and prefer getting thoughtful presents for each other; some prefer setting budgets for each other so as not to give into the commercialised business opportunity this day has become; others prefer making presents for each other; and the rest refuse to take part in it because they believe it is just a hyped up day that is targeted at reducing couples bank balances...*cough* or they're single...

I don't celebrate Valentine's day because I am currently single AND I think love is something that should be expressed every day of the year. However, it is lovely seeing people who get so lost in their work life's take a moment and appreciate their partner. 

Mybelief, however, did not stop me from treating myself to a heart shaped cupcake today.

A lovely piece of Art work by Miss A, a budding artist and little genius. How many objects can you spot in the Valentine cupcake?

How did you celebrate Valentine's day?

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