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Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Glossy Death...

Aloha, bloggers! How are you all this fine day? I just wanted to do a quick and simple post on why I have unsubscribed from GlossyBox this month. I haven't been very happy with these beauty boxes for a while now, but I kept on hoping that GB would listen to their subscribers and pick up their game...but they didn't. 

GB is supposed to be a beauty box that allows its subscribers to try high end and luxury products that we wouldn't otherwise come across. Well, this month none of the items are 'high end' and I was left feeling very deflated and let down. 

A quick summary of the products;

BALANCE ME Wonder Eye Cream - We were given a sample of this with Glamour Magazine a few months ago so I didn't see why they had to be in a beauty box. I understand that not everyone may have gone out to buy Glamour, but all I could think was that these were probably left over samples that Balance Me was trying to fob off. 

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Moisture Cream - Again, this is not a luxury product for me. I could easily go and get a small potted sample of this from my local Body Shop. I mean, it's a great moisturiser, it is light, smells great, and hydrates the skin. BUT, like I said, I don't consider it to be a contender for a beauty box.

L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Full Volume Mousse - I don't consider L'oreal to be a high end brand. Wow, I must sound like such a snob! But I want what I paid for, and this is not what I paid for! It id a great product but not what I was hoping for.

L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Smooth Control Gel - This isn't even on the GB site as a product - I guess that shows how proud they are that this is in one of their products. I would have preferred to have any OTHER hair product in the box - grrrr!

LADY GAGA Perfume Sample - I have noticed that some bloggers have started to become a bit more content with getting perfume samples in their beauty boxes, but I am the annoying one that just.won't.settle! I can pick this up from Debenhams, and I probably will - because - it's - free!

RODIAL Glamoxy Snake Serum - I don't have the energy to continue to write about how much I disliked this box, so I will stop typing.

I realise that this is the most negative blogpost I have ever written, but I think that some people need to write this so other people aren't conned into thinking that it is more than what it actually is. The bloggers that swayed me into buying into the beauty box hype are Ambassadors for the beauty boxes, so they get them for free. I have nothing against that, but when it is your money going down the drain every month then it feels a little bit different.

What are your views on beauty boxes?


  1. I used to really like the vitamin e lotion from body shop, I thought it made my skin look a bit more fresh!
    Beauty boxes are really hit or miss, I don't take part in them anymore because of that!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  2. Glossyboxes really do just frustrate me because I'm not trying high end products (which is what I signed up for), and I don't want perfume samples. I really didn't like the Lady Gaga perfume sample - it smells like an overly strong Marc Jacobs perfume, and the only selling gimmick is 'omg, the fluid is black and it's by Lady Gaga!'

    I also think it's unfair that the ambassadors get their own little special box with products that the rest of us 'lowly regular subscribers' don't get! And that Rodial stuff broke. Me. Out. The only positive thing I have to say about the Glossybox is that it looked pretty.

  3. I was going to subscribe then I kept hearing people say they weren't impressed by their boxes anymore.i know what you though,as much as I love body shop it's not high end or anything you wouldn't usually think to try!x


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