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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Losing my virginity...

Ahem...not like that! I finally lost my Beauty Box virginity this month as I got my She Said Beauty box through a few days ago. The blogging universe has been going crazy about these little treasures, so when I saw that there was a new beauty box out I jumped on eeeeeet! I was very pleased with the box and will definitely be getting another one next month. I love the fact that you get a present delivered to your doorstep every month...it doesn't matter that you paid for it yourself...it's too pretty!

Here are the products I got and my mini reviews.

This was the only product I was very disappointed with so I'm going to get this out of the way first. The colour was awful, it stained my nail and it started chipping after a few hours. I can see these being in the bargain baskets in Pound World not a high end store. The company boasts of combining rich cremes, delcate sheers and crystal 3D glitter pigaments in the long wearing (HA!), high shine (Lies!), high pigament professional quality (Lol) nail polish formula...it's all lies! Never ever ever again!

I was adamant that I would not like this because it's Mischa Barton (from The OC) but I was pleasantly surprised. I like the fact it has SPF15 and vitamins in it because I like looking after my lips and that would do the job. It is a hydrating lip protector with a hint (non-existent) of flattering colour; I did not mind this because it seemed to emphasise my own lip colour rather than add anything to it. I found my lips were hydrated but I would not pay the full price for it. Still a good product though!

I love love love love love this product and it's a pretty nifty size so I know it will last me all summer! The 100% Mica powder has a gorgeous shimmer to it that lasts for such a long time. I used it as a highlighter when I tested it and it really enhanced my cheekbones and lasted all day. However, you can use it as an eyeshadow, cream shadow (apply with damp brush), blush, eye liner (apply with damp eye liner brush), lip colour (on top of vaseline/clear gloss), or nail varnish (on top of clear polish). The product is very versatile and I will be buying this little beauty again!

This is part of an anti-ageing treatment for the skin from this company; it clears the skin of dead skin cells and leaves it feeling refined and fresh. I started off thinking that it was just another exfoliator but this was soooo much more; my skin felt lovely, fresh, moisturised and ah-may-zing! I am going to put this on my wishlist because it is a great product but I can't afford it.

This little kit has; Body Strategist Cellulite Remodeller which has a thermogenic action, D-Age Body Cream and Fruity Peel Exfoliator, Tranquillity Cream, Mediterranean Shower Gel, and Vital Leg Cream. I haven't used this yet so I can't really comment but I like the idea.

This sample contained; Ava Gardner Instant Eye Repair, Marilyn Monroe Morning Beauty Rescue, Katharine Hepburn Intensive Porcelain Veil, Grace Kelly Refresh Moisture Infusion and Greta Garbo Velvet Night Cream. I tried this and LOVED it! My skin felt so amazing afterwards and I was practically beaming all day long. However, full size products from this range cost around and over £100 so I'll look into it again after I win the lottery.

And last but not least, there was a little Lindor Easter egg. I would show you a picture but it was in my belly within seconds of me opening the parcel.

Are you on the beauty box bandwagon?
What have been your favourite samples this month?


  1. This looks so cool! How much did the whole box cost, if you don't mind me asking?:)x


    1. Heya :)
      It is £9 per month with £2.95 for p&p. It isn't much considering that the whole of the box contents came to about £50 (I read this little fact on another blog).
      Check out their website; www.shesaidbeauty.com

      Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Wowwww this is sooo cool... i think i may need to start treating myself!

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