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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Don't be a 'Mood Hoover'...

Dance with life and you’ll get everyone dancing!

Think about the last time you wanted to punch someone's face in... I wanted to knock out a guy who was chewing loudly behind me in the library this afternoon [don't worry, I didn't]. Now think about the time you were truly content with what you had and were actually happy being you! Don't worry if it took you a little while to think of something because you are not alone!
People are suffering from 'destination addiction'; they always have to strive to work harder to reach a goal which they think will give them the happiness they desire. Well guess what people? Happiness is here and now. Don't let the busyness of life get in the way of enjoying those precious moments with your friends and family.

A recent research study showed that the UK is the 41st happiest country in the world. We are materially rich but community poor. Let's hit those brakes in the fast lane that we insist on travelling in and enjoy what is going on around us. I was driving back from work yesterday and I started panicking because I passed a church that I had never seen before. I stopped my car and got out my satnav to check my whereabouts - nope, I was on the right route. I had never seen this beautiful church before because I used to speed my way home and not pay any attention to my surroundings. Just think about all those things you could be missing just by speeding through life.

Another factor in this whole happiness shindig is that people always say you can't control it. 'How could I be happy when that crazy girl punched me in the face for chewing my gum too loudly?'Well guess what ladies and gents? 10% of your life consists of things that will happen to you and the other 90% will be how you react to it. That 90% is a big part of your life! Yesterday I had to wait for a learner driver who was doing a 3 point turn in the middle of a road oh-so-slowly - any other time I would have had grumbled, cursed and given him evil looks when he drove past me, but armed with my new information I sat there, waited patiently, and gave him a big smile and thumbs up when he FINALLY drove past. That smile that spread over his face literally warmed my heart! My positive-ness gave his the confidence boost he needed and I know he won't be crying in bed at night because the crazy woman in her banged up car was mean to him.

YOU are the main character in YOUR life so make sure that your negative behaviour does not have a knock-on effect on people around you. If you are pissed off at something that has happened at work and take it out on someone else then you are affecting their mood and it is a never ending cycle until SOMEONE takes that inspiring step to react with positive-ness and move on. Positive-ness is contagious so get on this bandwagon people and let's make the world a better place.

I challenge thee to take four minutes before you go to bed and think about what has been good about your day, what has been amazing about your day and what has been BRILLIANT! Going to bed in a positive frame of mind means you will wake up feeling positive. It takes 14 days for habits to become embedded in our minds so let's see this through!
Be the inspiration you want to see in the world!


  1. Such a cool blog! I love it :)

    Would be amazing if you could follow back



  2. Lovely post, I will try and have 4 mins of positivity for the next couple of weeks :)

    Also I hope you don't mind, I tagged you in my Blog of Beauty tag.


  3. i love this post!
    and im defiantly going to try out the challenge, i need a bit more positivity in my life! x

    1. Glad to be of help! Let me know how you get on :)

  4. very well written. lovely. :)

    enjoy your evening!



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