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Friday, 6 April 2012

Tips&Tricks #1 Always wash your brushes!

After spending a whole afternoon with some of my friends comparing a whole variety of make-up, skin care, hair advice and realising how some of us had never even heard of the basic ones, I decided to do a little 'Tips & Tricks' segment for my blog. Some of these you will have heard and others will blow your mind!

I am going to start with one that we all know about but most of us don't follow.


Our poor brushes get thrown around in the make-up bag, get a ton of product on them and are often forgotten about the second we put our make-up on. They are prone to having a build up of bacteria that can get transferred to the rest of your make-up if you use the brush with a multiple of products. It is also a cause of some breakouts if there is a large amount of bacteria in the brushes. It is recommended that you wash them weekly but I wash mine at least twice a week. It takes very little time and effort!

Here is how I wash my Clinique Foundation Brush:

Step 1: Run the brush under water. As you can see, mine has got a slight brown tinge to it.

Step 2: Add a soap, shampoo or anti-bacterial wash on the brush. How much you put on depends on the size of your brush so use your intuition. 

Step 3: Wet the brush again and swirl it in your hand so the anti-bacterial wash can lather up. Swirl the brush in your hand in a circular motion. Wash the brush PROPERLY and repeat if there is any coloured residue left. 

Step 4: Stand back and admire your work! If you look at the first picture and compare it too this then you can see how much cleaner it look.

Step 5: Dry the brush with a towel but do not pull at the bristles! Place your brush on a rolled up towel that has a slight slant to it so that any excess water can be absorbed by the towel. Leave it there over night and it should be dry by the morning. 

How do you wash your make-up brushes?


  1. I was planning on washing my make-up brushes but thought there was a certain way, this helped loads. Thank You

  2. Thanks for the tips, i never knew that. Love this blogs its awesome, keep it up


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