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Thursday, 17 May 2012

B.right Day!

As many of you know, I am a massive Benefit Cosmetics fan! It has killed me not having the Radiant Skincare range starter kit because it was out of stock. However, after months of pining after this kit, I was ecstatic when my nearest Benefit counter stocked up on it again and I was able to purchase it. It is an amazing little starter kit with 6 deluxe samples of the skin care range.

It contains a foamingly clean facial wash, refined finish facial polishmoisture prep toning lotion, triple performing facial emulsion, total moisture facial cream and it's potent! eye cream. I am not going to go into too much detail because I know that this kit has been reviewed to death! However, I will say that it is one of the best skin care ranges I have tried. I am currently using up my Clinique 3 Step products and the Benefit products are so much better! Clinique tends to dry my skin out whereas Benefit moisturises and hydrates. It literally makes me feel so happy using it because it smells gorgeous and my skin feels so clean afterwards. I have used this a few times but I'm going to use the rest up after I have used my Clinique 3 step (I'm not one to waste products). 

The reason I got the little tester kit is because I also have to try my new L'occitane purchases and I really want to try the Liz Earle Try Me kit. Your skin builds a sort of immune system to products if you use them for a long period of time so I try to change my skin care routine every few months. 

This product is out of stock on the Benefit Cosmetics website and sold out in most stores again, but you can get it from Asos.

What is your current skin care routine?


  1. ah love it, i would love to try this :) im in love with the its potent eye cream!! although you say testers, benefit minis seems to last a lifetime :D xx

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I have a sachet of the eye potent cream that has lasted me for a whole week!

  2. I do love when ASOS has everything that is out of stock! They are my saving grace sometimes!



  3. I LOVE Benefit Bella Bamba blush. Favorite.

    Want to follow each other doll? Let me know!

    Belle De Jour

    1. I do need to try that blusher ~ I am currently loving Coralista!


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