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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Who doesn't like free beauty products?

I have been really impressed this month with the quality of 'free gifts' that some of the magazines have had this month. A little trip to Tesco for some stickers for my Year 1 class ended with me walking out with 3 Glamour magazines, InStyle and Marie Claire (the latter 2 I don't even read). These are the free gifts I was tempted with!

Glamour Magazine teamed up with L'occitane and had 3 skin care items up for grabs free with the magazine. I am nearing the end of my Clinique skin care products so these deluxe samples were perfect for me! I have always wanted to try L'occitane but it's always been a bit pricey for me - I cannot wait to try out this skin care range! You have an option of a cleansing gel, face toner and a hydration cream (moisturiser). I haven't tried these yet but I have listed some information about each product below for you to have a look at! The total of these deluxe samples was around £36 so it's not too shabby!

The Angelica Cleansing Gel contains essential oils of organic angelica which works brilliantly at removing make-up but not drying out the skin. It also turns into a foam when combined with water (I hate my Clinique soap because it doesn't foam). The Face Toner is also enriched with angelica essential oil which 'moisturises, refreshes and cleanses the skin of impurities'. The Hydration Cream boasts of being fresh and silky smooth and revitalising the skin. Have you tried any products from L'occitane? What were your thoughts?

Marie Claire have teamed up with Body Shop to give you the chance of picking up one of their cheek and lip tints. There is a choice of this red one or a more bronze-ey one for the summer. These retail for £10 in store so I had some really high expectations! I have also lost my mini Benetint (sad face) so I thought this would make for a cheaper substitute but boy was I disappointed! It was gloopy and and had a really chemically taste to it. I will not be using this as a lip tint. It works far better as a cheek stain but it does take a while to build up the colour. Have you tried this? What were your thoughts?

I was really excited to extend my Nails Inc collection when I heard that InStyle had 3 Nails Inc polishes up for grabs with there magazine this month. I was planning on getting all 3 but I ended up just getting this pink pastel colour because the others didn't really appeal to me (a baby blue and a pinky white one). I absolutely love this colour and the quality of the polish. I was worried that it might not be up to the normal Nails Inc standard because it was just a freebie with a magazine but one coat lasted me for a whole week (excluding some chips). Have you picked up any of these polishes?

I was, however, super sad to find out that RED magazine had the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish product as a free gift last month. I have been meaning to try that and I was gutted when I found out that I have missed out!

Have you picked up any good magazine freebies this month?

Are there any recommendations you would make?


  1. Looking forward to your review on the three L'Occitane products. I hated the Body Shop tint too - it felt horrible on my lips x

    1. Try it on your cheeks for a better use of the product :)


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