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Monday, 7 May 2012

Foodie Weekend

Happy belated Bank Holiday Weekend!

I spent my weekend literally walking around like a stuffed penguin after the amount of food I consumed. Friday evening I decided to treat my little sister to Frankie & Benny's so we could indulge a little bit and catch up. The original plan was to go just for dessert and drinks but it ended up being a full blown meal! After the garlic dough balls and a main of pasta AND chips [it was chips or salad so...] I managed to fit a slice of chocolate brownie fudge cake into my tummy [it was literally the size of my head!].

On Saturday I went to Manchester with some of my friends. There was no plan on the agenda apart from catch up and eat...and eat we did! We met up at a Chinese restaurant called RICE and were blown away by the amount of options we had. I settled on a Sweet Chilli Thai Chicken with noodles. OMG - it is officially the best thing I have ever ate in my life! I wasn't able to finish it all because it was such a massive portion but trust me I tried! I was surprised because it was only £7.99! Be warned though - a can of Tango costs £1.50 - WHAT?!

Across from RICE was Patisserie Valerie so we HAD to go inside. We were tempted by this gorgeous cupcakes but we decided on truffles because we were saving room for drinks later.

After getting our munch on, we decided we needed to go for drinks. I recommended a bar that I had been too called Zouks, they make the best drinks! We literally filled ourselves with sugary goodness!

It was nearing half 5 by this point and we decided that we needed to do something a bit more productive in our day out...so we went for cake! There's a little dessert parlour called Treat on Wilmslow Road in Manchester that one of my friends had been to before so we decided to check it out. I tried this bubblegum sponge cake - it was so yummy! We were going to go for seconds but by that time we were all close to bursting out of our clothes so we thought it best that we didn't.

 How was your weekend?

What are your favourite places to eat at?

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