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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Good Hair Day

I have been cursed with naturally curly (but really frizzy) hair - damn you genes - and I cannot live without my trusted GHD's. I nearly had a heart attack when they broke last month....

I got my first pair of GHD's when I was in Y10 when I decided that I could no longer with a frizzball on the top of my head. They lasted me for about 4 years before they gave up on me. I then went to Toni and Guy and purchased another pair for £115; they were limited edition, pretty, and I got a free travel sized hair dryer and a heat proof bag with it. Unfortunately, my latest pair decided to break on me after 3 years of taming my hair. I didn't mind too much because I felt that I had got my moneys worth (I use them pretty much everyday). I just want to say that GHD products are really good and my straighteners always broke due to my own neglect. 


This time I decided to ring up GHD customer service because one of my friends told me that they might be able to fix them for me. However, it turned out that they didn't provide this service if you didn't have a receipt (gutted) but the lovely guy on the phone gave me a great offer instead. He said I could have a pair of GHDs from their classic Gold collection for £95 (it retails for £119) AND £30 of free hair products. I jumped at the chance because I knew I was getting a great deal.

He told me that if you already have a pair of GHD straighteners and they break, you can ring up and get a discount on a new pair if you give them the make of the ones that you own. What a great idea!
The GHD's are pretty much the same as my old ones but slightly prettier. It has got smoother plates, it also feels a lot lighter and it has got sleep mode (so if you forget to turn them off, it will turn itself off). My life feels complete again!

What can't you live without?

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