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Monday, 26 March 2012

17 mini haul

No visit into town is complete without a trip to BOOTS! I was not happy at all to see that '17' had a '3 for the price of 2' offer on...because it meant I had to buy things...Oh, why must I fall into this consumer trap every.single.time!

This is what I bought!

This 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer boasts of minimising pores (but it ain't no Porefessional) and prolonging foundation wear. I got this because (as silly as this may sound) I didn't want to use Porefessional from Benefit every single I applied make-up. I'm going to have this for those days where I don't really want to make too much of an effort but make-up is necessary. It says at the back of this primer that it can be worn on its own but I've never been a fan of wearing primer on its own so I won't be doing that. It has a lovely feel to it and it does minimise pores (slightly) so I think my £4.99 was well spent.

I also got this Berry Crush lipstain. It has a lipstain on one side and a balm containing Vitamin C to keep your lips hydrated on the other other side. I tried it on in the shop and fell in love! I have been looking for a new stain because I have been using Benetint for months now and it's always nice to have a change. This is more of a plum colour and richer than Benetint but it doesn't last as long so I have to keep topping it up but I knew what I was paying for. 

I love this new Instant Glow Bronze that 17 have come out with in their summer range. It contains a sponge with it but I will be using a brush because I find the application is a lot easier. The sheen and glitter is gorgeous for summer evenings and I know I will be using this throughout the next few months.

17 is an under rated brand at times. They have some amazing products and always have deals on so keep an eye out next time you are shopping in your local drug store. I got all this for £10!

What's your favourite drug store brand?


  1. i want to try it.... i'm always looking for a great drug-store brand one... but haven't had much luck. great review. it's been a while since i bought makeup... so i can't really say what my fave brand is, lol.

    have a great day!


    1. Heya! 17 is a great brand to try because it is relatively cheap. I need to stop buying make-up now because I have sooo much and don't get through it all!

      Hope you're well :)

  2. I love No7 in boots, but I've always meant to try this, but I've been scared incase it irritates my skin!
    Like above, it's been ages since I bought makeup, I just use what I've got until it runs out!

    Jemimah xxx


    1. I do like No7 as well! Their make up brushes are amazing.

      Thank you for dropping by :)


  3. I know that feeling about having make-up days where you just cannot see the point of putting in as much effort as other days! I love that berry tint, it looks like a lovely colour so might have to invest in one!

    My favourite band is No7 by Boots, always found their products great quality and last quite a long time!

    Steph @ stephie-in-wonderland.blogspot.com

    1. The berry tint is great. I said in the post it doesnt last but if you keep topping it up with clear lipgloss/vaseline then it stays all day!

      Thank you for stopping by :)


  4. I'm getting more interested in 17 again, I love the look of them rocks! xxx

  5. I hated the berry crush liptint mine doesnt even really work very disappointed with it :(


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