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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sense of smell...

These past few days have been amazing and sad at the same time. I have started a placement for my course which is focused on students with special educational needs (SEN), and my experience has been such an eye-opener. I now have a new found respect for all teachers and carers who work with SEN children because it is so hard to imagine what they go through if you are not there to witness it first hand. The sheer look of joy on children's faces when they are able to lift their arm to hit the drum constantly reminds me of all the things that we take for granted. So next time you are depressed or down because something isn't going your way, take a minute and remember all things that you take for granted but someone else in this world only wishes that they had.

On a more 'retail therapy' note, I have been looking for a new perfume to add my collection. I am torn between 'Oh, Lola!' by Marc Jacobs, Pure DKNY, 'Valentina' byValentino and 'Whisper' by Ghost; they are all so gorgeous which makes my decision harder. I will probably look into investing in one of these over the Summer period so I can have a fragrance to remember the summer by. I love it when a scent can just take you back years and unleash countless memories...

What's your all time favourite perfume?


  1. I love Burberry's 'Weekend', I got it for my 16th birthday and I've loved it ever since!

  2. I have that one too! Love it :)

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