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Sunday, 25 March 2012


The heat this week has really effected my skin and it's become really dehydrated. The sun ALWAYS has this effect on my skin and the area around my nose suffers the most as I get really bad dry skin around there. This was a real problem for me when I was younger because no amount of moisturiser would solve the problem and I was oblivious to all the other solutions. 

A few years I came across my favourite skincare product EVER! I have a lot of favourites but this one I have been using for years and it always works. It is the Elizabeth Arden  Eight Hour Cream. It claims to sooth minor skin irritation, cracked lips, minor burns, sunburn, scrapes and abrasions. I use it literally for the dry skin around my nose and it clears it RIGHT UP! 

The cream has a thick, greasy consistency so I always wear it after I have took off my make-up and am getting ready to go to bed. The cream rehydrates the skin and soothes the skin around any problem areas.

I have had this for over a year now and I am not even half way through it. It is an amazing product and it really helps you look after your skin. I got it in a gift set with two hand moisturisers last year so I'm not sure what it is currently retailing at.

If you do have an issue with dry, irritating or flaky skin then I highly recommend this. If you want to try a sample before you purchase it then ask for a small sample at your local Elizabeth Arden counter. 

Do you have any remedies for dry skin?

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